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This blog is a collection of my scribbling on self-knowledge and philosophy It is also a means for me to share these discoveries with those with similar pursuits.

The Author

Hello! My name is Ziqi Koey.

I graduated with a Communications Major from the State University of Buffalo, New York. but for everything else, I try not to define myself too much.  

Current musical interests include Argentine Tango music, Lounge, and Cuban Jazz.


§ 2 Responses to About…

  • Loved the Marcus Aurelius quote – thanks for posting it!

  • jonkeim says:

    Hello Ziqi Koey, I have come across your blog while searching for other people on a similar path I am starting. My journey is about self-discovery as much as seeking out and learning from other people, cultures and lands. I hope to find the words to the stories and then share them with the world (any one listening) so I may inspire others to seek and discover their paths. Blogging and the social media is new to me as others but I believe this is the future and I am willing to discover the too;s and talents to share.

    Thank you for your words and experiences. I will like to follow you on your journey and learn what you share. Someday I hope to have a story and experiences you may learn from as a thank you. Take care, Jon.

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