Somebody Offended You?

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Somebody offended you, or caused you discomfort?

It is their problem, not mine. Choose not to be offended, and you will not be. It is how you interpret it. Treat him with kindness, and if possible, say to him:

“No, no, my friend. Thats not why we’re here for. It isn’t me who’s harmed by that. It’s you.”

Then show him how so. Do it without intention of malice or hurt to others. A man is one who has the strength of kindness and guts- not whining, complaining, and reacting. Strength dissipates when you choose to be offended, and harbor malice.

For there are two rules we should always have at hand: That nothing is good or evil, but choice, and, That we are not to lead events, but to follow them. “My brother ought not to have treated me so”. Very true, but it is for him to see to that. However he treats me, I am to act rightly with regard to him. For this is my concern, the other is somebody else’s; this no one can hinder, the other is open to hindrance.”
-Epictetus, Discourses, 3.10.19


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