If You Want A Purple Cow Job…

October 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

All throughout my plane ride back from Guangzhou to Singapore, I dug into some Seth Godin wisdom via Small Is The New Big. Very relevant marketing / job seek advice that I might have been too lazy to search through his blog for, but incredibly convenient on paperback.

Jobs For Purple Cows

A friend of mine is a world-class lawyer, with a great background in copyright, deal-making and intellectual property issues. She has a stellar resume and could get a cog-job in about two seconds. Except that she doesn’t want to do that. She wants to work for a fast-growing neat organization with flexible hours. And she’s willing to take a 60% pay cut to do so.

In the current system, there’s no place for her (or for you, for that matter) to let the right person know that they ought to rethink the way they’re allocating their payroll and their services budget and take advantage of this opportunity. This is ridiculous. There’s no other similar expense in a corporation that is totally demand based. Companies don’t say, “We’re thinking of replacing our phone system, please let us know if there’s some new technology that we don’t know about” or “Our charity currently uses a traditional system to do fundraising but we’re auditioning automated online systems, please send a properly formatted brochure…”

Well, if the single-most-important thing a business can do is hire amazing people, why shouldn’t that
process be more flexible and be built around the people, not the slots?

I haven’t yet achieved a “stellar resume” but would love to work with a growth-oriented startup that does flexible hours too. Not plently of those around, but I believe in creating the jobs you want that aren’t yet available. As Seth goes on to say, these types of jobs will become a lot more common in the years to come.

Thanks to Seth Godin for the inspiration

***For those who were wondering why my travel blog was never updated, wordpress and other blogging formats are banned in China, as I discovered too late. I’m glad to say I’ve learnt a lot more about China during my one week stay in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and will be posting up a “what I’ve learnt” in the coming week. ***


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