Another “Hello”… and The Importance of Self-Thought

June 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

"Deep Thought" by Michael Naples

"Deep Thought" by Michael Naples

Today marks the day I step back into the writing a blog. The previous time , which was my maiden attempt at blogging was an epic fail as it amounted to nothing more than one or two liners coupled with a few youtube video embeds. In short, it was a laziness to actually think. Laziness of the mind affects many of us., especially me. Not wanting to think for ourselves and to look inward for solutions and self analysis, we instead look to elsewhere for instant quick fixes, get rich quick schemes. Its no wonder that many have remarked my that my generation is the “generation of instant gratification”. Well that phrase actually came from my dad. Enough of the past though. I’ve come to gradually realize that frequent writing and introspection builds a good life, when we reflect upon the thoughts and events of the day, count the blessings we have, consolidate the lessons learned, and plan ahead. I’m going to have to fight past “mind laziness” though. After all, one of my favourite quotes goes:

” Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. ”

-Henry Ford

I may be wrong, but for the most part of my childhood life, I remember being taught to memorize correct answers instead of think for myself. Yet it would be selfish of me to push the blame of “not thinking for oneself” to others. There is no lack of Singaporeans who chose to go against the grain to succeed, and I believe they chose independent-thinkers as company.

That said, I’ve only come to realize this after reading the thoughtful and insightful posts of bloggers from all around the world. Since the last time I laid my fingers down on a keyboard to type out a blog posts, I’ve been poring through the blogs of independent thinkers like Tim Ferriss and Ben Casnocha.

These are guys that have challenged long-held beliefs about lifestyles and career, and have their own lives to prove that challenging the norm for more productive thoughts and habits brings about a more positive life experience. Through an emphasis on doing an 80/20 analysis of your life, eliminating the unimportant many and keeping the essential few, Tim Ferriss is the First American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango, National Chinese kickboxing champion, speaks 5 different languages, is a Princeton University guest lecturer, as well as many other quirky credentials. Tim is 33 years old.

Ben is a San Franciso based entrepreneur who does not believe in planning out your life to the very last detail. Instead, he is an advocate of “positive randomness”: going to conferences that no one else is interested in, reading obsucre books, and meeting people that you’re not sure might be interesting. Ben started his own company at age 14, has spoken at dozens of universities, and has travelled to at least 25 different countries around the world. He is currently finishing up studies at college.

What strikes me is that both Tim and Ben’s lifestyle of introspective thought elevated their experiences. From Jack Canfield’s account in “The Success Principles”, Tim understood at an early age that a person becomes the average of 5 people you come into the closest contact with. This is important because the people we spend time most with inadvertently influences the way we think.

I believe that reading and writing are in some way, “friends” that we hang out with as well. Friends that provide as self guidance and reflection. So while this post may be a “suckage”, and the blog has every chance to epic fail again, I am guided by roman emperor Marcus Aurelius’ encouraging words:

” Not to assume it’s impossible because you find it hard. But to recognize that if it’s humanly possible, you can do it too. ”

– Marcus Aurelius

So here’s to independent thinking, thoughtful thinking, introspective thinking and a more meaningful life. Sheesh, I seem to be expecting waaay too much from a blog post aren’t I?


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